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        Eco Green Valley found wealth gathered in the center. Yangling, Yangling District Green Valley Wealth Center is introduced, the implementation of major construction projects open Old Town, Yangling District for enhancing urban quality, optimize the urban environment, and promote the flow of commerce, economic prosperity of the city is of great significance. Green Valley · Wealth Center with a total construction area of 60,000 square meters, close Yangling Railway Station, bus station, from food is still neighborhoods, home goods Living Museum, Qian Long Commercial Street, Malibu · apartment four blocks commercial core components, is set-class dining, recreation, entertainment, culture, home shopping as one of the largest commercial projects Yangling.
        Standard lift attachment advanced product technology advantages in competition with many outstanding companies in the elevator, took first place. TYPICAL HR P13-CO150-29 / 29 standard high-speed elevators, beautiful landscape for future Yangling it made its way to a force.