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Standard Elevator 24 hours standby

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       For some parts of elevator accidents have occurred in the previous period, Xi'an standard Elevator Co. from corporate social responsibility to keep in mind to ensure safe operation of the lift starting to react quickly, the quality of the company organization, technology, installers on the market for standard lift Product detailed and thorough safety checks, the results indicate that the current standard elevator products on the market are safe to use and reliable.
Beijing Metro Line 4 escalator accidents in July this year, caused great repercussions in the community, but also aroused great attention Xi'an Standard Elevator Co. bottom. To ensure safe use of the standard on the market in the elevator, the enterprises to actively implement the main responsibility for the safety elevator maintenance units, elevator use management units, organizations use a special elevator safety checks. Since July this year, Xi'an Elevator Co., quality and safety standards, technical department, installation department and other departments jointly for the market with the "standard" escalators, moving walkways were detailed and thorough safety inspection, focusing on a comprehensive examination the escalators, moving walkways fixed hoisting host connection reliability, safety circuit, the stopping distance, reverse protection, protection and validity of auxiliary brake protection plus chain scission, through this special safety inspection, the results of the various aspects of statistics suggest that the current standard in the elevator company manufactured using escalators and moving walkways are absolutely safe and reliable.
Design responsibility for accidents and routine maintenance responsibility for the accident, a series of standard elevator inspection and reflection, and to highlight the importance of routine maintenance, commitment and practice "24 hours a day," the duties, the first time for customers service, maintenance engineer with each client to implement the use of elevators and safety rules, and jointly promote the elevator maintenance and repair work, has won the recognition and support. Meanwhile, Xi'an standard Elevator Co. decision, led by the Ministry to participate in the quality and safety, installation, maintenance, installation and construction site monthly elevator, elevator maintenance regular site safety inspections, inspect the implementation of safety regulations, safe operation execution case, according to the inspection carried out on the elevator installation, maintenance personnel safety training, while organizing elevator installation, maintenance personnel to lift emergency rescue plan carried out exercises. These routine safety checks to ensure that the implementation of the company's safety practices and proper execution.
Elevator Co., Ltd., Xi'an standard security in this special event, to step up publicity efforts to enhance safety awareness elevator users in the elevator safety inspection by the site to explain, to observe, to understand the basic principles of operation of the lift, grasp the emergency rescue precautions. Theory and practice of publicity by the praise of customers.

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