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XianTypicalEnter the Middle East market

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   On the occasion of New Year 2010, Xi'an standard Elevator Co. of international markets has progressed, the standard and quality of the elevator with a high-profile performance advantage and won the Dubai developer's favor. Recently, the two sides signed more than a successful high-profile royal family and royal-homelift series Keti villa elevator orders. This is the standard elevator Following scored Kazakhstan last year, a new breakthrough in the overseas markets.
Standard elevator company last year after joining the Standard Group, continue to strengthen management, and actively expand the market, and strive to enhance the qualifications, accelerate product development, comprehensive and enhance market competitiveness. Enterprise has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, manufacture and installation of special equipment qualification recognized by the national audit inspection agency, has achieved the highest level of elevator manufacturing license A-level qualifications and elevator installation, alteration, repair A-level qualification. Relying on strong background Standards Group, the essence of the world's outstanding standard elevator absorb foreign technology elevator With nearly 50 years of professional experience in manufacturing lift, a number of senior professional qualifications, high-quality and efficient service system advantage in the fierce market bid , the boutique has awarded many inside and outside the province, high quality real estate executives. Elevator safety standards, green, energy efficient product concept, has been favored by developers, and high-end residential green, natural, pleasant culture complement each other.
Standard lift the advanced technology used in Europe, the Italian permanent magnet synchronous drive system, with the superior performance of the German frequency control system and the serial communication systems, system architecture with full computer control technology dual-CPU architecture, built-in 32-bit precision microprocessor to module control system based on collaborative work between the microprocessor and so lift the overall system more secure, reliable, flexible, operational quality and safety of more secure.
Currently, the standard elevator products include passenger elevators, escalators tourism, medical elevator, no room elevators, lifts, escalators, moving walkways, ladders and other villas dozens of varieties to meet the individual needs of different customers. 24-hour customer service hotline 400, to establish a sound service network and information feedback network, professional, dedicated elevator installation maintenance team to provide customers with the best quality of elevator installation, repair and maintenance services, to create excellent service "excellent enterprise. "

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