Installation Services

        Standard lift --- Professional Services

        · Ensure that personnel, the environment, product safety
        · Effective service response
        · Timely processing of complaints within one week
        · Comply with safety regulations of service
        · Professional services to ensure fast, thoughtful
        · Professional testing to ensure effective investment

        Installation procedures:

        1. Before installing the site started, installation supervision will "lift installation inspection report (IPC)" by each elevator installation is sent to a person in charge of the construction site, construction and supervision of the responsible person responsible for keeping the self-test personnel to fill, according to the local elevator The formalities were reported installed.

        2, elevator installation process checks, divided into nine stages, specific checks in the following order:
              2.1 by installing subcontractor oversight organizations and users out of the box checked, will fill in the receipt and acceptance test results column; feedback installation department.
              2.2 rack and place fixed line measurements.
              Check the guide section 2.3.
              2.4 part examination room.
              Check the inlet and outlet sections 2.5
              2.6 wells (including the door and check for weight and pit) part examination.
              Section 2.7 of the car to check.
              Check the electrical wiring section 2.8.
              2.9 transfer checks

        3, installation supervision should always grasp the progress of the project, according to schedule the test of time.

        4, the inspection process, installation supervision will be conducted in accordance with IPC testing, such as the site did not fill out the unfinished stage, in accordance with regulations issued warning letters to the construction people. If found to have failed to check the item, installation supervision and inspection results should fill in the form, and their pass rate statistics and a detailed report installation manager.

        5, if the test results meet the requirements, installation supervision must stamp or signature confirmation test results at the conclusion of the examination table column.

        6, installation supervision shall promptly conduct a review of the shortcomings of the project, such as its shortcomings project could affect the quality of the next process, or construction safety shall be carried out under a process of installation until the shortcomings and improve the re-examination by qualified installation supervision.

        7. After the installation process to install all of the supervision and inspection, when the number of no more than three shortcomings when filled in by the person in charge of the construction, "the elevator installation and commissioning of the application form," and after installation supervision signature, reported maintenance department for debugging.

        8, after the elevator commissioning, installation supervision and commissioning and maintenance should be compatible with the supervision, according to the "handover inspection" Content-Transfer service handover inspection procedures.

        9, the transfer of inspection defects reported by the person in charge of the construction supervision of installation notification time required rectification, the rectification is completed, notify maintenance supervision retested until all qualified defective items.

        10, handed over after passing inspection, installation supervision departments to apply for acceptance to the local government.

        11. Inspection rectification by installing a single government department responsible for the supervision rectification.

        12, in conjunction with the installation supervision and maintenance supervision and inspection work handover to owners, by installing corrective responsible for the supervision of the shortcomings of the project.

        13, after the completion of the rectification work or need re-examination qualified to enter the maintenance department procedures.

        14, if the owners responsible for the shortcomings of legacy projects will continue to follow up the maintenance department.

        Escalator / sidewalk installation process automatically detects:
        1, the quality inspection of the installation process by "escalator / moving sidewalk installation inspection report" and fill out the execution.

        2, the installation of Quality Supervision, the installation process to deal with each elevator and press "escalator / sidewalk installation process automatically checks the report" required quality checks at least once. Quality checks records shall be preserved.