Standard lift --- Professional Services


        •  To ensure that personnel, the environment, product safety

        •  Effective service response

        •  Timely processing of complaints within one week

        •  Maintenance services comply with safety regulations

        •  Professional services to ensure fast, thoughtful

        •  Professional testing to ensure effective investment


          Xi'an standard elevator to provide users with comprehensive services, strengthen pre-sale and after-sales service, a 24-hour customer service hotline 400, to provide users with high-quality service excellence. Xi'an elevator to maintain safety standards, fast, serious and responsible service, so that the concept of dedication to customer service throughout all of the company's work; adhere to the principles in the management of user preferences, to build an elevator to make the standard of quality service to become "excellent enterprise. "

        National Hotline 24 hours:400-6363-189

        Feedback Phone:+86-29-86611349