The brand of TYPICAL Elevator

        The new logo of TYPICAL Elevator, which combines the color blue and green, looks simple and generous, have modern industrial taste and international quality.




        According to the introduction, this logo is a "square-rhombus," looks like the shaft in the elevator. It is composed of a positive isosceles triangle and a negative isosceles triangle, similar to the up and down direction button of the elevator. The "up direction" is green, implicit that our enterprise develops with low carbon, environmental protection, green, and energy-saving; the "down direction" is blue, implicit that our company has safe products, excellent services and efficiency development. The overall graphics implies "with standards, with direction", which represents the enterprise culture of TYPICAL Elevator: work attentive, keep unremitting, have good faith and be responsible, realize our business goal-- "your satisfaction, my standard." The "T" in the middle stands for TYPICAL Elevator; "standardized, safety, and green elevator", which reveals the commitment that TYPICAL Elevator made to customer services and environmental protection.

        As an independent international brand, TYPICAL Elevator has its unique brand personality and development strategy. The new brand logo is not only a visual graphics, but also reflects the value of the brand identity; it carries the mission and vision of our company.